Production Planning and Project Controlling Unit

Successful accomplishment of industrial and non-industrial projects requires a systematic approach towards planning, controlling, and the way of implementing projects with respect to time and cost. The reason of existence of such unit is to direct projects according to the specified schedule or finance and to reach aims, final products, and useful data. Assuredly, this unit rationalizes time, cost, and quality during implementation of projects.

Significant Roles of Production Planning and Project Controlling Unit:

  • presenting the schedule of the project with MSP and Primavera software
  • determining the work breakdown structure(WBS) in order to conduct the project correctly without any kind of overlap
  • preparing reports related to the progress of the project according to the demand of the principal
  • provision of the project’s statement
  • analyzing the production line


Quality Control Unit

This unit was established with the aim of increasing quality of all pieces from the moment they enter as raw materials to the point of time they will exit as metal structures in addition to the purpose of stable improvement of products.

The most significant roles of this unit are as followed:

  • All items entering workshops and workplaces are monitored visually (VT), and destructive tests (DT) and non-destructive ones (NDT) are implemented on items if required. For instance, rattler test will be done on sheets and plates or some materials will be chosen in order to send to reliable laboratories such as Polytechnic and Razi Metallurgy for chemical and physical tests and if the confirmation from the laboratory is acquired, production process will be started.
  • For each produced piece a certificate or confirmation is required before passing to the next stage.
  • In production line, all pieces are under investigations of quality control.
  • All supplies are investigated and analyzed.
  • The use of materials which are without standard certificate is prohibited.

Some examining methods of supplies and materials are mentioned below:

  • for welding rod and electrode: measuring diameter, investigating appearance, and welding test
  • for metal sheets or plates and profiles: measuring dimensions, rattler testing, and analyzing chemically for alloy determination with cooperation of industrial universities and private researching centers
  • for nuts and bolts: controlling dimensions via statistical sampling, visual testing, and measuring all as followed: stress, bending and solidity(rigidity)


Engineering and technical unit

In this unit, specialists utilizing technical software in addition to general ones to design or map structures and services related to manufacturing of metal structures are all exist and serve production unit and customers.

The most important activities of the engineering and technical unit are:

  • Investigation and preparation of plans of structures in addition to presentation of detailed executive data.
  • preparation of 3D model of structures using specific software such as TEKLA STRUCTURE.
  • modeling, rendering, analyzing and designing various metal, industrial and non-industrial structures using SAP, SAFE, and ETABS software.
  • mapping of workshop structures along with the relevant reports.
  • mapping of intended cuttings to minimize the amount of waste via X-STEEL and PLUS 2D software.
  • investigating conditions and preparing all related technical documents.
  • providing all technical files and related procedures.
  • presenting optimal manufacturing methods for each project.





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